• ARTN interior design of multifunctional complex

    ARTN is a unique, multifunctional revitalisation project of the Former Norblin Factory located at 51/53, Zhelazna Street in Warsaw. The complex will offer 9 historic buildings and 44 unique production facilities of the former factory.

    Our architectural workshop took part in the project in collaboration with arch. Piotr Blaim (CAPITAL PARK (investor group) leading architect, SPAZZIO DESIGN founder and leading architect).

    The site of the Former Norblin Factory is a post-industrial space. Exceptional not only because of its historical value, but also because it harbors a certian quality in the Varsovians’ hearts. The Norblin factory grasps a tradition dating back 200 years. In its golden age, it was a landmark of the Polish metal industry, honoured with numerous domestic and international awards.

    Art N is first of all, the old Norblin factory, brothers Buch and T Werner SA were the industrial jewels of Warsaw. In times when Poland was non-existent on maps, The Norblin factory was producing world-famous silverware. Now there are only 11 antique buildings and 44 machines. Those climatic districts of the old factory will give this project a unique character. Restaurants, cafes, present-day entertainment concepts will be a modern, lively public region. On top of that, The Open Museum of Old Norblin Factory will take us back to ХIХ century, using new-age technology.

    Located in the heart of Warsaw, the area of 2 hectares will be turned into a space for work, meetings, shopping and culture. It will become a comfortable space that meets the highest standards of quality. Developed in a post-industrial style in a unique location complemented with a wide range of dedicated services.

    The usable space of 64 000 sqm will include:

    40 000 sqm of modern class A office spaces on the levels +3 to +8, according to the “Office Plus” concept

    24 000 sqm of service, commercial and entertainment area on the levels -1, 0, as well as +1 and +2 following the concept of “The place to work, the place to be”

    + underground parking lot on 4 floors

    + dedicated underground parking lot for 200 bicycles

    BioBazar offering fresh, certified organic food

    Open Museum of the Former Norblin Factory

    + BREEAM „Very Good” pre-rating

    / Piotr Blaim, Roman Teryoshkin, Max Voytenko / 2017 /