• EKM №1 house

    ЕКМ №1 is the project of module type residence house for two people.

    A single-storey house with a total area of 63.50 m2 is designed for permanent residence of two people. Compact arrangement of architectural and planning solutions involves the combined kitchen-living room with access to the terrace in the southwestern part of the house, double bedroom, hallway, combined bathroom, sauna and a technical unit for accommodation of engineering equipment.

    The house is a building of module type: it is made of standard modules. House’s matrix is performed of wooden frames, that are combined into a rigid structure. Filling of the walls and floor constructions, as well as roof, are made of panels-element installation. Foundation is metal screw piles. Roof of the house is flat, with the possibility of exploitation. The facade is sheathed with board of larch on the guide. The house is supposed to be equipped with autonomous engineering, based on environmental technologies using renewable energy sources. Solar panels and wind turbine are being installed on the roof of the building.

    Technical and economic characteristics:

    Building footprint – 81,50 m2

    Total floor area – 63,50 m2

    Living area – 29,80 m2

    Terrace area – 10,30 m2

    Number of floors – 1

    Building volume – 240,00 m3

    / Max Voytenko, Yevhen Kucher, Serhii Stanishevskyi / 2013 /