• VZ apartment

    VZ is the one bedroom apartment in Vinnytsia for a young couple. The leading idea in the VZ interior design is the use of simple and "honest" decisions in planning, decoration and equipment of the apartment rooms. The combined kitchen-living room allows for open communication between family members and guests while cooking, relaxing or meeting with friends. Former balcony with panoramic windows has transformed into a dining room. Minimalistic bedroom is decorated with restrained geometric decor from welded metal rods and is equipped with a work place on the balcony. The apartment has two bathroom units: bathroom for relaxation, spa treatments and a shower room with shower and laundry. The bold character of the customers is being expressed in perception of contrasting colors and material surfaces. Open brickwork and ceiling floor slabs, which allowed to show the texture of real materials, are used in the interior design. Walls are partially plastered for painting, in the kitchen and bathrooms it is arranged suspended ceiling for painting. Broadband flooring deck bleached oak is stacked on the floor in the living rooms, and marble tile is used in the kitchen, dining room and bathroom. The same tile is used in the decoration of the walls in the bathroom.

    / Max Voytenko, Yevhen Kucher, Roman Teryoshkin / 2016 /